Our Story

How it all started

Good Hope Baptist Church had its spiritual beginnings in a revival meeting that took place between 1812 and 1819. A good number of people were converted there and in 1819 decided to constitute themselves as a community of faith. A meeting house was constructed where they met until 1860. In 1860 just prior to the beginning of the civil war they decided to build a new place to worship. This location was erected in 1860 and is the current meeting place today. During the civil war the structure was used for worship as well as a place to bring healing for confederate soldiers who were injured during battle. Through the years Good Hope has constantly been a place where the sick and injured from the battles of sin come to discover the healing balm of Jesus Christ. We have had over the years a good number of preachers who have boldly preached the Word of God and stirred the hearts of many to follow in faith
and baptism. 

Demonstrating the vision...

Community is more than ourselves. It is the reaching of those that live around us. Our desire is to not only meet the spiritual needs but physical as well. This we accomplish through providing meals, pantry, and  educational assistance.

Where we are headed...

The vision that God has laid upon our hearts is comprised of three parts: Leadership, Prayer, and Family. Leadership development within the community is key to eliminating the vacuum that exists within the generational gap. Prayer is the key that God gives us to activate the power that  He supplies.
Family is where it all begins. Our desire is to reactivate the family unit, through strengthening family ties with positive outcomes.