The Call to Christmas Skits Start: December 5th, 10AM

The Call of Christmas

December 5th-26th, 2021
Come visit Good Hope in December!!
Dramatic sketches every Sunday!

Thank you for visiting us!

You've been feeling disconnected. You've wanted to find a place where you feel like you belong.
Look no further. Come home!
Good Hope Church is a place where we dive deep into the word of God and connect with refreshing fellowship.
Come and worship with us and grow in your faith. Come and discover the hope that God has for you!
We invite you to visit with us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am (Soon to be 10:30 am starting January 2, 2021).
Then on Thursday evenings for women's and men's studies and AWANAs at 5:30 pm ET, for a family meal  and family discipleship.   Come and engage in life-giving community, where everyone is welcome.
Come discover your gifts and calling and use them for God's glory.

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