It's not a religion.
It's a relationship.

Our Mission


Being people of biblical hope carrying out Christ's mission by living compelling lives, sowing a living hope, continually knowing God's word and growing in godly character, so we can go and reap a harvest of souls.

Our Vision


We are a people abounding joyfully in God’s hope to create thriving families and transform our community.

Our Plan in



Into The Community


& Learn About Him


with Discipleship


and Share The Gospel

Who We Are

Good Hope is a community deeply rooted in the mercy and love of God. We are committed to the transformation of individual lives that make a change in our community and the world through the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave us the mandate to be the center whereby this can occur beginning in Spotsylvania, Virginia, and ultimately around the globe. We believe that revival is about to break forth, and Jesus is going to return.

We are a connected community of Spirit-filled believers who desire to experience all the love and presence of God alongside Jesus. Our mission is to express the joy and power of hope-filled believers in every area of life. At the center of our worship is a desire for God's presence, where our lives are transformed and discover God's will. We are excited to take the journey with you until the earth becomes like heaven.

We welcome you to this new journey!


Our History


Good Hope Church started its first gathering after the Andrews Tavern revival meeting. This laid the foundation for what was to become Good Hope Church.
Good Hope Church constructed its present-day worship facility. During the civil war, it was used as a hospital for the injured. It was the first building constructed where all ethnicities could worship together.


WW1 saw brave men from Good Hope go off to fight for the salvation of Europe.
Good Hope weathered the hardness of the great depression by continual trust in God's provision.
WW11 Good Hope once again sent brave young men to fight for the deliverance of Europe and the Pacific.
Good Hope once again sent brave young men to fight for deliverance of the Korean Peninsula.
Good Hope with faithful trust in God's provision built an addition to the original building debt free.
Good Hope again answered the call to send brave soldiers to Vietnam whom some did not return.
Good Hope built a parsonage across the street debt-free using the hands and talents of men within the congregation.
Good Hope added a front foyer to her existing building.
Good Hope enclosed the picnic pavilion to create a new social hall.
Good Hope sent a missionary to Mexico to work with dental missionaries and spread the gospel.
Good Hope participated in supporting missionaries to Kenya, Africa.


Good Hope Church calls Pastor Gene Lancour to become their new pastor.
‍Good Hope Church seeks God's fresh vision for the future.
Good Hope Church calls Denise Pass as Director of Worship Arts and Family Ministry. We move to a biblical form of leadership, including elders. Awanas begin, and Kingdom Kids Ministry is established. Youth return from summer camp recharged.
Good Hope Church leadership retreats to formulate new vision and mission statements.
God lays upon their hearts a need for a school and a new campus.

Our Beliefs

Good Hope Church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We believe in the total inspiration of Scripture, its inerrancy, infallibility, and authority over our lives. This is the foundation upon which all biblical truth and beliefs are founded.
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Core Values

Good Hope Church values Biblical Truth, Biblical Purity, Biblical Membership, Biblical Service, Biblical Families, Biblical Hospitality, Biblical Stewardship, and Biblical Excellence.
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