It's not a religion.
It's a relationship.

We are a community deeply rooted in the mercy and love of God.
Our Mission Statement

Being people of biblical hope carrying out Christ's mission by living compelling lives, sowing a living hope, continually knowing God's word and growing in godly character, so we can go and reap a harvest of souls.

Our Vision Statement

We are a people abounding joyfully in God’s hope to create thriving families and transform our community.

Who We Are

Good Hope is a community deeply rooted in the mercy and love of God. We are committed to the transformation of individual lives that make a change in our community and the world through the Holy Spirit. Jesus gave us the mandate to be the center whereby this can occur beginning in Spotsylvania, Virginia, and ultimately around the globe. We believe that revival is about to break forth, and Jesus is going to return.

We are a connected community of Spirit-filled believers who desire to experience all the love and presence of God alongside Jesus. Our mission is to express the joy and power of hope-filled believers in every area of life. At the center of our worship is a desire for God's presence, where our lives are transformed and discover God's will. We are excited to take the journey with you until the earth becomes like heaven.