Gene Lancour
Living Out Loud
Sundays, 4:00PM
5601 Courthouse Rd, Spotsylvania, VA 22567

Group Description

We are a group devoted to the understanding of the TRUTH of God's Word. We desire to be challenged by the Holy Spirit and each other spurred on to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

About The Leaders

Pastor Gene and his wife Diane have been married since 1979. They have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. Pastor Gene is a graduate of Mid-Western Baptist Theological Seminary and is an accomplished and energetic Preacher/Teacher. He is an accomplished writer of Bible studies challenging the believer to venture into deeper waters. He firmly believes that the mission of the church is to Seek the Lost, Disciple the Rescued, Protect the Family, Be Unafraid of the Truth, Glorify the Father, and Prepare for the Return. Come and visit with us and be challenged to discover the journey that God has for you.

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